Some Recent Publications

This list is in a continuous built up :-), so do not hesitate to contact us if you miss one of our publications here.

The papers below are in PostScript (also gzip'ed) and PDF** format, and an abstract is available as plain ASCII Text or HTML. If you experience difficulties printing any of the files, send us your address and we'll be happy to send you a printed version.

** PDF can be displayed and printed using either the Acrobat Reader from Adobe or Ghostscript/Ghostview/GSview (both free of charge, the latter open source, and both available for major platforms: MacOS; Linux and other UNIXes; Microsoft Windows).

Publications and Preprints


            P. Hersen, K.H. Andersen, H. Elbelrhiti, B. Andreotti, P. Claudin and S. Douady, Corridors of barchan dunes: stability and size selection. Phys. Rev.E, 69, 011304(12) (2004)
            [pdf , abstract ] Leaves venation


Granular flows


Turbulence and vortex dynamics

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