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Cn = Compte rendu de congrès

Tn = Thèse

[125] P103 C. Cartes, E. Tirapegui, R. Pandit and M. Brachet, The Galerkin-truncated Burgers equation: crossover from inviscid-thermalized to Kardar–Parisi–Zhang scaling, Phil. Trans. R. Soc. A 380: 20210090, (2022) pdf

[124] P102 Akhilesh Kumar Verma, Rahul Pandit and Marc E. Brachet, Rotating self-gravitating Bose-Einstein condensates with a crust: A model for pulsar glitches, PHYSICAL REVIEW RESEARCH 4, 013026 (2022) pdf

[123] P101 Akhilesh Kumar Verma, Rahul Pandit and Marc E. Brachet, Formation of compact objects at finite temperatures in a dark-matter-candidate self-gravitating bosonic system, PHYSICAL REVIEW RESEARCH 3, L022016 (2021) pdf

[122] P100 Adrian van Kan, Alexandros Alexakis and Marc-Etienne Brachet, Intermittency of three-dimensional perturbations in a point-vortex model, PHYSICAL REVIEW E 103, 053102 (2021) pdf

[121] P99 Adrian van Kan, Alexandros Alexakis and Marc-Etienne Brachet, Lévy on-off intermittency, PHYSICAL REVIEW E 103, 052115 (2021) pdf

[120] P98  Michikazu Kobayashi, Philippe Parnaudeau, Francky Luddens, Corentin Lothodé, Luminita Danaila, Marc Brachet, Ionut Danaila, Quantum turbulence simulations using the Gross–Pitaevskii equation: High-performance computing and new numerical benchmarks, Computer Physics Communications, 258, 107579, (2021) pdf

[119] P97 Marc Brachet, Vortex filaments and quantum turbulence, Comptes Rendus. Académie des sciences, Paris, Mécanique, 340, 6-7, 501, (2020) pdf

[118] P96  Adam Griffin, Vishwanath Shukla, Marc-Etienne Brachet, and Sergey Nazarenko, Magnus-force model for active particles trapped on superfluid vortices, PHYSICAL REVIEW A 101, 053601 (2020) pdf

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Kelvin Wave to Classical Kolmogorov Cascades’’ Physical Review Letters  105, 129401 (2010) pdf

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