Post-doctorate position offer


From Sequences to Fitness : Models and Measurements of Protein Landscapes


Location: Ecole Normale SupŽrieure, Paris â Laboratories of Statistical and Theoretical Physics (LPS-ENS, LPT-ENS)


Fields: Statistical Physics, Genomics and Proteomics, Statistical Inference



Simona Cocco, email:, phone: (33) 1 44 32 34 73, web page:

RŽmi Monasson, email:, phone : (33) 1 44 32 25 89, web page:


Starting date: Fall 2016

Duration:  post-doc : 1 year (possibly extensible to 2 years)


Description: We are looking for interested and motivated post-doctoral candidates to work on a statistical inference/physics project to build generative models of proteins from sequence data. The post-doc researcher will be involved in a close collaboration between the theory group of Simona Cocco and Remi Monasson at Ecole Normale Superieure in Paris, and the experimental group of Clement Nizak at ESPCI, who will assess the functionality of protein sequences with microfluidics techniques.


Candidates are expected to have a Ph.D. degree in statistical physics or computational biology and a strong experience in computation/simulations. The candidates should also express a strong interest in interacting with experimentalists.


Applicants should send their curriculum vitae, list of publications (for the post-doctorate position), two recommendation letters and a motivation letter to or The deadline for applications is April 30th, 2016.