Topics and speakers

In 2014 we are celebrating a 40 years old `cornucopia’ that started in 1974 with the work of Edwards and Anderson on spin glass models. Born as an attempt to model disordered magnets, spin glass theory has grown and matured into a versatile tool that has been applied to many problems of modern science, ranging from physics (e.g. spin glass materials and the glass transition in fragile liquids) to biology (e.g. neural networks and gene regulatory networks) and to computer science (e.g. optimization, inference, machine learning and compressed sensing). In all these fields, spin glass theory has now a fundamental impact.

The aim of this event is to present the new trends in this fascinating and fertile environment as this interdisciplinary field has seen a recent explosion of activity in many new directions.

Each day of this 2-weeks event will be devoted to one of the 10 topics listed below. Each day will start with a 3h tutorial on the topic, that should cover the work of the lecturer but mainly include an overview of the topic. In the afternoon there will be 4 invited talks on some recent works in the topic and the day will finish by an open problems session animated by the lecturer of the tutorial.

Specific topics and main spearkers will include:

  • Jamming and hard spheres
    Keynote: Ludovic Berthier
    Matthieu Wyart, Olivier Dauchot, Pierfrancesco Urbani, Patrick Charbonneau

  • Information Theory and Compressed sensing
    Keynote: Yoshiyuki Kabashima
    Rudiger Urbanke (TBC), Sundeep Rangan, Toshyiuki Tanaka, Aris Moustakas

  • Time and length scales in glasses
    Keynote: Giulio Biroli
    Chiara Cammarota, Silvio Franz, Walter Kob

  • Phase transitions and algorithmic barriers
    Keynote: Amin Coja-Oghlan
    David Gamarnik, Martin Loebl, Marc Mezard (TBC), Andreas Galanis

  • Quantum spin glasses and glasses
    Keynote: Leticia Cugliandolo
    Marco Schiro, Pasquale Calabrese, Guilhem Semerjian, Laura Foini

  • Optimization and inference in networks
    Keynote: Cristopher Moore
    Riccardo Zecchina, David Saad, Marc Lelarge, Jean-Phillipe Bouchaud

  • Renormalization and effective field theory for disordered systems
    Keynote: Gilles Tarjus
    Tommaso Rizzo, Marco Tarzia, Thierry Giamarchi, Ferenc Igloi

  • Establishing cavity & replica method rigorously
    Keynote: Amir Dembo
    Dmitri Panchenko (TBC), Sourav Chatterjee, Mohsen Bayati, Nike Sun

  • Many body localization
    Keynote: Lev Ioffe
    Markus Mueller (TBC), Ehud Altman, Chris Laumann, Michael Aizenman, Simone Warzel

  • Collective Behaviour and Inference in Biological Systems
    Keynote: Remi Monasson
    Martin Weigt, Olivier Rivoire, Simona Cocco, Asja Jelic, Enzo Marinari