List of posters:
1. Maximilian Puelma Touzel "Antibody repertoires in fish"
2. Yao Li "Bridging Microtubule Dynamics and Reaction Networks in silico"
3. Christian Schmidt "Circular Coloring of Random Graphs: Statistical Physics Investigation"
4. Paolo Barucca "Clustering methods on heterogenous block structures: comparing Belief-Propagation, Spectral Clustering, and Semi-Definite relaxation"
5. Caterina De Bacco "Community detection in multilayer networks"
6. HIROKI YAMAGUCHI "Dynamical Crossover of Clone Size Statistics in a Stochastic Model of Cell Fate Decision"
7. Seyyed Nader Rasuli "Exact spike-timing distribution and its usage in neural structure identification"
8. Jonathan Desponds "Fitness shapes clone size distributions of adaptive immune repertoires"
9. Marcel Kahlen "Large deviations in Taylor dispersion"
10. Jannik Ehrich "On the Thermodynamics of Predictive Information"
11. Paulo Rossi "Online Compressed Sensing"
12. Fabrizio Pittorino "Onset of chaos and criticality in neural networks with synaptic plasticity"
13. Marco Alberto Javarone "Partial Imitation as basic heuristic for Solving Optimization Problems"
14. Jacopo Rocchi "Self-sustained clusters in spin glass models"
15. Yifan Sun "Serving by local consensus in the public service location game"
16. Francesco Caravelli "Slow relaxation of disordered memristive networks"
17. Juyong Song "Minimal Perceptrons for memorizing complex patterns."
18. Quentin Marcou "Statistical Inference of B cell repertoire generation and maturation processes"
19. Yuval Elhanati "The diversity of the adaptive immune system"
20. Andre Manoel "Phase Transitions in Streaming Algorithms"
21. Thomas Gueudre
22. Angelo di Garbo "Neocortical epilepsy in mice modulates inter-hemispheric coupling"
23. Cosimo Lupo
24. Andrey Lokhov "Optimal deployment of resources for maximizing impact in spreading processes".
25. Rodrigo Cofre
26. Jonathan Dong "Optical realization of Echo-State Networks with light-scattering materials"