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Ribosomal accuracy blog


Contributions to RNA structure
( molecular model for transfer RNA / small-angle X-ray scattering work / base-pairing statistics)

Contributions to codon-anticodon recognition
( The missing triplet hypothesis / The evolution of the genetic code / codon usage )

Contributions to the kinetic theory of accuracy
( kinetic modulation/ next nucleotide effect / kinetic proofreading / kinetic amplification /
kinetic tuning/ diffusional proofreading)

Contributions to mutation strategies and molecular evolution
( transient mutators/ the connectedness of errors /
multiple mutations in higher organisms (the gene conversion / heterozygosity induced mutations) / why must all DNA repair be error-prone / The blind spots of population genetics / Molecular approaches to evolution) Mutation stategies pdf version

Contributions to DNA and RNA polymerase kinetics
(NTPase cleavage reactions / Next nucleotide effect, polymerization and
excision kinetics / Menemonic effects, exonuclease warm-up)

Contributions to bioinformatics
( Algorithmic work / RNA Secondary structures / Fast comparison of sequences /
graphical representations of sequences/ EMBO Bioinformatics meeting / Validation work)
Contributions to bioinformatics pdf version

Contributions to mathematical biology
( General comments/ probabilistic tools in enzyme kinetics/ RNA topolgy /
A link between vision and molecular biology/ on models in times of consensus )
Contributions to mathematical biology pdf version

Contributions to the origins of life
( Origin of the genetic code/ Evolution of transfer RNA 3d structure/ Prebiotic replication/
Catalysis by peptides / RNA catalysis / Against the RNA world/ Criticism of Eigen's work / Criticism of chemical predestination )
download pdf version of this chapter


Contributions to the mechanism of human memory
(Architectures for a replicative memory/ Experiments on short term visual memory/
Experiments on working memory/ Visual memory experiments with random testing orders/
Reaction time distributions/Unpublished MS on RT distributions pdf version )

Contributions to stereoscopic vision (pdf exclusively)
(Contents: BIOGRAPHICAL NOTES/ GRAPHICAL DESIGN of stereoscopic stimuli
(random curve and ransom needle stereograms,"Elastic" autostereograms in
random-curve style, paradoxical stereoscopic stimuli/ EXPERIMENTAL
CONTRIBUTIONS: orientation disparity, texture segregation, optimal
textures for stereo vision, illusory disparities, and other effects,
stereo depth from two images captured by a single eye, the resolving power of alternating presentations, stereoscopic memory /Comment on Gabor patches).
Article on stereoscopic memory pdf version )

Contributions to motion and contrast illusions (pdf version)
(Extinction effects/ Flashing lines/ Orientation-dependent contrast/
Ouchi variants/ Hulla-hoop illusion/ Lagging shapes/ Gliding circles/
Color-emitting wheel/ External Mach band illusion/ Color equalization
accross a symmetry axis/ The colors of grey/ Colored diffusions)

Contributions to geometric visual illusions and shape perception
(Overview/Theoretical contributions/Experimental contributions/
Shape perception)


Statistical illusionism: on misleading statistics in scientific publications pdf version
Advenures with journal editors pdf version
Science et société /science and society
texts in English, French and Spanish on impact factors + link Impact factors
L'objectivité des ctitères objectifs html version
pdf version
La Biologie Buissonnière (1991, updated 2016) pdf version of the book