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Ribosomal accuracy blog


Contributions to RNA structure
( molecular model for transfer RNA / small-angle X-ray scattering work / base-pairing statistics)

Contributions to codon-anticodon recognition
( The missing triplet hypothesis / The evolution of the genetic code / codon usage )

Contributions to the kinetic theory of accuracy
( kinetic modulation/ next nucleotide effect / kinetic proofreading / kinetic amplification /
kinetic tuning/ diffusional proofreading)

Contributions to mutation strategies and molecular evolution
( transient mutators/ the connectedness of errors /
multiple mutations in higher organisms (the gene conversion / heterozygosity induced mutations) / why must all DNA repair be error-prone / The blind spots of population genetics / Molecular approaches to evolution) Mutation stategies pdf version

Contributions to DNA and RNA polymerase kinetics
(NTPase cleavage reactions / Next nucleotide effect, polymerization and
excision kinetics / Menemonic effects, exonuclease warm-up)

Contributions to bioinformatics
( Algorithmic work / RNA Secondary structures / Fast comparison of sequences /
graphical representations of sequences/ EMBO Bioinformatics meeting / Validation work)
Contributions to bioinformatics pdf version

Contributions to mathematical biology
( General comments/ probabilistic tools in enzyme kinetics/ RNA topolgy /
A link between vision and molecular biology/ on models in times of consensus )
Contributions to mathematical biology pdf version

Contributions to the origins of life
( Origin of the genetic code/ Evolution of transfer RNA 3d structure/ Prebiotic replication/
Catalysis by peptides / RNA catalysis / Against the RNA world/ Criticism of Eigen's work / Criticism of chemical predestination )
download pdf version of this chapter


Contributions to the mechanism of human memory
(Architectures for a replicative memory/ Experiments on short term visual memory/
Experiments on working memory/ Visual memory experiments with random testing orders/
Reaction time distributions/Unpublished MS on RT distributions pdf version )

Contributions to stereoscopic vision (pdf exclusively)
(Contents: BIOGRAPHICAL NOTES/ GRAPHICAL DESIGN of stereoscopic stimuli
(random curve and ransom needle stereograms,"Elastic" autostereograms in
random-curve style, paradoxical stereoscopic stimuli/ EXPERIMENTAL
CONTRIBUTIONS: orientation disparity, texture segregation, optimal
textures for stereo vision, illusory disparities, and other effects,
stereo depth from two images captured by a single eye, the resolving power of alternating presentations, stereoscopic memory /Comment on Gabor patches).
Article on stereoscopic memory pdf version )

Contributions to motion and contrast illusions (pdf version)
(Extinction effects/ Flashing lines/ Orientation-dependent contrast/
Ouchi variants/ Hulla-hoop illusion/ Lagging shapes/ Gliding circles/
Color-emitting wheel/ External Mach band illusion/ Color equalization
accross a symmetry axis/ The colors of grey/ Colored diffusions)

Contributions to geometric visual illusions and shape perception
(Overview/Theoretical contributions/Experimental contributions/
Shape perception)


Statistical illusionism: on misleading statistics in scientific publications pdf version
Advenures with journal editors pdf version
Science et société /science and society
texts in English, French and Spanish on impact factors + link Impact factors
L'objectivité des ctitères objectifs html version
pdf version
La Biologie Buissonnière (1991, updated 2016) pdf version of the book
La Biologie Buissonnière 2017
pdf version of the book
Mes images favorites
pdf version