Wellcome to the Course Theoretical neuroscience
As one of the Courses of the Cogmaster (master in cognitive science), this Course is the UE CA6a.

For those who are not registered students of the Cogmaster:
If you intend to regularly attend the Course, wether you take the course for credit or not ("auditeur libre"),

please register

by sending an email to nadal"at"lps.ens.fr, with copy to the secretariat of the Cogmaster, mastere"AT"cogmaster.net,
with subject "Inscription externe UECA6a",
asking for the authorization to attend the course (thank you for giving at least two lines of motivation),
and providing the information listed here.

Upon reception of your mail, we notify to the Cogmaster secretariat our approval - or in case of any problem, we contact you.

In return to your registration mail you will receive the login and password to access the course material (slides and some documents which can be accessed only with the login and password: they are provided as course support, and cannot be distributed or used for anything else without authorization).

Warning: taking the exam is only allowed to students who have registered before the end of October, and who have very regularly attended the lectures (obligation to state reasons for absences).

Wether or not you intend to take the course for credits, at each course, do not forget to sign the attendance list ('feuille de présence').

For more information, see the web page of the Course.

In case you missed the first Lecture: The slides of the Introductory lecture are/will be posted on the course web site in open access.

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