Karen Willbrand

willbran 'AT' lps.ens.fr

Submitted papers
Address reduction blindly identifies non-random data series,
Thomas M. A. Fink, Francis Brown, Karen Willbrand and Sebastian E. Ahnert,
Preprint. Submitted to Physical Review Letters.

Published papers
1-D random landscapes and non-random data series,
Thomas M. A. Fink, Karen Willbrand and Francis C. S. Brown,
Europhysics Letters 79, 38006 (2007) (paper.pdf)

On arithmetic and asymptotic properties of up-down numbers
F. C. S. Brown, T. M. A. Fink, K. Willbrand
arXiv math.CO/0607763
Discrete Mathematics 307, 1722 (2006)

Unbiased pattern detection in microarray data series
S. E. Ahnert, K. Willbrand, F. C. S. Brown and T. M. A. Fink
Bioinformatics 2006 22(12):1471-1476

Identifying genes from up-down properties of microarray expression series
Karen Willbrand, Francois Radvanyi, Jean-Pierre Nadal, Jean-Paul Thiery, and Thomas M. A. Fink
Bioinformatics 2005, Oct. 15; 21(20):3859-3864
Supplementary information can be found at http://www.lps.ens.fr/~willbran/up-down/
Contact: Thomas Fink

Method of identifying pattern in a series of data,
T. M. A. Fink, K. Willbrand, S. Ahnert and F. C. S. Brown,
United States patent 20070086635 (2006).

Contributions to APS meetings
Using mutual information to infer gene-gene interactions from microarray expression series
Fink, Thomas; Ahnert, Sebastian; Radvanyi, Francois; Stransky, Nicolas; Willbrand, Karen
American Physical Society, APS March Meeting, March 21-25, 2005, abstract #J22.006

Identifying pattern in microarray expression series using algorithmic information theory
Ahnert, Sebastian; Willbrand, Karen; Brown, Francis; Fink, Thomas
American Physical Society, APS March Meeting, March 21-25, 2005, abstract #J22.004

Up-down properties of microarray data allow blind prediction of gene function
Fink, Thomas M. A.; Willbrand, Karen; Radvanyi, Francois; Thiery, Jean-Paul
American Physical Society, Annual APS March Meeting 2003, March 3-7, 2003, , abstract #D9.016