Les Houches Theoretical Biophysics Summer School 2023

Les Houches (France), July 3-28, 2023

Organizers: Anne-Florence Bitbol (EPFL), Thierry Mora (ENS Paris), Ilya Nemenman (Emory), Aleksandra Walczak (ENS Paris)

Application are now closed.

The total cost of the school per participant is 1920 EUR plus taxes (including accomodation and food for 4 weeks). Financial support may be available.

Download the poster.

This 4-week school is aimed at elucidating the function and principles of biological systems, from cells to ecosystems, in light of the laws of physics. The topics will include evolution, ecology, behavior, neuroscience and signaling, as well as active matter, biological networks and machine learning, focusing on the challenges that biology introduces to non-equilibrium and many-body physics. Our goal is to extract unifying features with an emphasis on theoretical, yet experiment-driven advances.

The school is aimed at PhD students, postdocs and researchers, not just theorists, and not just biophysicists.

Scientific contact: biophysics (dot) theory (at) gmail (dot) com
Organizational contact (application, logistics): houches0723 (at) univ-grenoble-alpes (dot) fr

Core lecturers

Karen Alim (TUM Munich) - flow networks
Rosalind Allen (U of Edinburgh) - adaptation
William Bialek (Princeton U) - ambitions for theory
Ann Hermundstad (HHMI/Janelia) - neuroscience
Nikta Fakhri (MIT) - non-equilibrium physics
Sandeep Krishna (NCBS-TIFR Bangalore) - signaling
Oskar Hallatschek (UC Berkeley) - evolution
Cristina Marchetti (UCSB) - active matter
Pankaj Mehta (Boston University) - ecology
Greg Stephens (VU Amsterdam) - behaviour
Massimo Vergassola (ENS Paris) - navigation
Lenka Zdeborova (EPFL) - machine learning

Seminar speakers

Naama Brenner (Technion)
Mathieu Coppey (Curie Institute Paris)
Diana Fusco (Cambridge)
Franck Jülicher (MPI-PKS Dresden)
Claude Loverdo (Sorbonne U)
Sara Mitri (U of Lausanne)
Stephanie Palmer (U of Chicago)
Teuta Pilizota (Edinburgh)
Rama Ranganathan (U Chicago)
Lydia Robert (Sorbonne U)
Pierre Ronceray (U of Marseille)
Agnese Seminara (U of Genoa)
Julien Tailleur (MIT)
Anton Zilman (U of Toronto)


Students will work in small groups on projects to answer a concrete research question.


The meeting will take place in the Les Houches School of Physics, in the Chamonix valley in the Alps, facing the Mont Blanc (see on map).

Practical information

Arrival on Monday 3rd July, departure on Friday 28th July.