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This is the home page of the course "Statistical Physics: Concepts and Applications", that I teach this year for the first time to the ICFP first-year Master students at ENS. Tutorial sessions are assured by Maurizio Fagotti, JRC laureate researcher at the ENS Department of Physics, and world-wide expert in Statistical Mechanics.

Please check out the 2016 lecture course


The power of statistical physics

Phase transitions, general theorems

Hard spheres in 2d, 1d

Presence / Absence of transition in 1d systems

The two-dimensional Ising model - Solution of Kac and Ward

The one-dimensional Quantum Ising model

Bosons, Bose-Einstein condensation, interacting Bosons

The harmonic classical solid, an exactly solvable model for crystalline order

Kosterlitz-Thouless physics and beyond


Equilibrium and Transport, Fluctuation-dissipation theorems

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