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Here are three approaches to reaching my office LE110 at 24 rue Lhomond, 75005 Paris, in the ENS physics department:


Algorithmic approach

If you appreciate algorithms (and chances are that this is the case if you come to talk to me), then follow this six-step algorithm. If you're really strong, then don't print it on paper.

  • Enter the ENS physics building on 24 rue Lhomond (a)
  • Turn right BEFORE the lobby (b-c)
  • Go up the stairs (c) into the green corridor (d).
  • Before the glass elevator (d), take the staircase to 1st floor (e) (1 flight of stairs).
  • On the first floor, turn to the left twice (f: first turn; g: second turn).
  • My office LE110 is on the right (h). While there, please enjoy the view and, I hope, the discussion.

Boy-scout / girl-scout approach

If you have a good sense of orientation, then please ignore the algorithmic approach. Simply memorize the location of my office from the below 'map'. It will then be very easy, and quite rewarding, to find me. As a reward, I may offer you a girl-scout cookie, a dorayaki, or some other sweet. The entrance of the ENS physics department is to the left of the picture.


Personal-touch approach

Please call me on my cell-phone, and I will come to meet you.

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