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S. Bustingorry, A. B. Kolton, A. Rosso, W. Krauth, T. Giamarchi Thermal Effects in the dynamics of disordered elastic systems Physica B-condensed matter 404, 444 (2009)

Abstract: Many seemingly different macroscopic systems (magnets, ferroelectrics, CDW, vortices, etc.) can be described as generic disordered elastic systems. Understanding their static and dynamics thus poses challenging problems both from the point of view of fundamental physics and of practical applications. Despite important progress many questions remain open. In particular the temperature has drastic effects on the way these systems respond to an external force. We address here the important question of the thermal effect close to depinning, and whether these effects can be understood in the analogy with standard critical phenomena, analogy so useful to understand the zero temperature case. We show that close to the depinning force temperature leads to a rounding of the depinning transition and compute the corresponding exponent. In addition, using a novel algorithm it is possible to study precisely the behavior close to depinning, and to show that the commonly accepted analogy of the depinning with a critical phenomenon does not fully hold, since no divergent lengthscale exists in the steady state properties of the line below the depinning threshold. (c) 2008 Elsevier B.V. All rights reserved.

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