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T. Comparin, W. Krauth Momentum distribution in the unitary Bose gas from first principles Physical Review Letters 117, 225301 (2016)


Abstract Ultracold atomic gases have over the last decades boosted the understanding of quantum physics in the whole range from weak interactions to the infinite-interaction unitary limit. The latter has lead to a revival of the celebrated Efimov effect, that had only been hypothesized in nuclear matter. Here we present first-principles quantum Monte Carlo results for a realistic bosonic N-particle model with infinite, unitary, interactions. We compute the critical temperature for Bose-Einstein condensation and determine the full momentum distribution, including its universal asymptotic behavior. We compare this crucial observable to recent experimental data. The weak dependence of physical observables on the sole parameter of the model, the three-body cutoff, supports its universality. We argue that the thermodynamic instability from the atomic gas towards an Efimov liquid remains hidden by the experimental dynamical instability caused by three-body losses.

DOI: 10.1103/PhysRevLett.117.225301

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