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Equilibration in Event-Chain MC, Event-Driven MD, and other methods

Masaharu Isobe

Nagoya Institute of Technology, Nagoya (Japan)

Abstract Recent progress on the methodologies on Event-Chain Monte Carlo (ECMC) and its variants invoke fascinating research topics; that is, which algorithm does the fast to equilibrate the systems efficiently. Every method discussed here generates the same equilibrium states from arbitrary initial states in the long-time limit in principle. However, equilibration in CPU time strongly depends on the situations and methods, where its microscopic mechanisms, especially in two or higher dimensions, are still elusive. We are investigating them systematically in the various settings with the simple well-known hard disk/sphere systems. We plan to address the past and ongoing works of efficiency of Event-Chain MC by comparing with Event-Driven MD and other methods. A summary will be presented at the workshop.

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