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Event-Chain simulations of liquid-crystalline hard rod systems

David Mueller, Clemens Vorsmann, Tobias Kampmann, Jan Kierfeld

Abstract We discuss event-chain (EC) simulations of various hard rod and hard needle systems as well as mixed systems of hard disks suspended in hard needles. The EC technique is applied to the end points of the hard needles or rods. Hard rod collisions then give rise to 3-particle interactions among the end points, and the lifting framework has to be generalized accordingly. ECMC simulations of hard needles in two dimensions and hard spherocylinders in three dimensions reproduce the correct phase behavior. ECMC is particularly suited for simulations of the effective interactions between hard colloids suspended in nematic hard rods, such as two-dimensionsal hard disks suspended in hard needles. Here, we find interesting effective interactions, which give rise to chaining of the hard disks along the nematic director and which are arising from a strong depletion attraction.

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