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Non-equilibrium response and slow equilibration in hard disk systems

Author: Daigo Mugita and Masaharu Isobe

Affiliation: Nagoya Institute of Technology

Abstract: The relaxation from a non-equilibrium state to equilibrium depends on the methodologies and situations. The mechanism at the microscopic level has not been well investigated. We focus on the non-equilibrium response during the equilibration process induced by a disturbance of homogeneous expansion in the simple hard disk systems. The large-scale simulation by event-driven molecular dynamics revealed that the anomalous slow equilibration toward the liquid states emerges when we start from the co-existence phase. The origin of the mechanism of the slow decay is investigated using the probability distribution of local density and orientational order parameter, where inhomogeneity of them seems to cause the anomalous slow equilibration. The results by other methods such as event-chain Monte Carlo and Newtonian event-chain Monte Carlo are also presented.



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