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M. Holzmann, W. Krauth Transition temperature of the homogeneous, weakly interacting Bose gas Physical Review Letters 83 2687 (1999)

Abstract: We present a Monte Carlo calculation for up to <math>N \sim 20 000</math> bosons in 3 D to determine the shift of the transition temperature due to small interactions a. We generate independent configurations of the ideal gas. At finite N, the superfluid density changes by a certain correlation function in the limit <math>a \to 0</math> ; the <math>N \to \infty</math> limit is taken afterwards. We argue that our result is independent of the order of limits. Detailed knowledge of the non-interacting system for finite $N$ allows us to avoid finite-size scaling assumptions.

Electronic version (from arXiv)

Comment: This articles contains the direct-sampling algorithm for ideal bosons which is the work horse in the Markov-chain algorithm used in a number of papers.

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