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S. C. Kapfer, W. Krauth Soft-disk melting: From liquid-hexatic coexistence to continuous transitions Physical Review Letters 114, 035702 (2015)


Abstract The phase diagram of two-dimensional soft disks with repulsive power-law pair interactions ∝r^(−n) is determined using Event-Chain Monte Carlo. The recently established melting scenario for hard disks (corresponding to n=∞) is preserved for finite n, and first-order liquid-hexatic and continuous hexatic-solid transitions are identified. The density difference between the coexisting hexatic and liquid is non-monotonous as a function of n. For smaller n, the coexisting liquid shows extremely long orientational correlations, and positional correlations in the hexatic become extremely short. For n≲6, the liquid-hexatic transition is continuous, with correlations consistent with the KTHNY scenario.

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