Navon Piatecki Guenter et al 2011

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N. Navon, S. Piatecki, K. J. G√ľnter, B. Rem, T. C. Nguyen, F. Chevy, W. Krauth, C. Salomon Dynamics and Thermodynamics of the Low-Temperature Strongly Interacting Bose Gas Physical Review Letters 107, 135301 (2011)

Abstract: We measure the zero-temperature equation of state of a homogeneous Bose gas of 7Li atoms by analyzing the in-situ density distributions of trapped samples. For increasing repulsive interactions our data shows a clear departure from mean-field theory and provides a quantitative test of the many-body corrections first predicted in 1957 by Lee, Huang and Yang. We further probe the dynamic response of the Bose gas to a varying interaction strength and compare it to simple theoretical models. We deduce a lower bound for the value of the universal constant <math>\xi</math> >0.44(8) that would characterize the universal Bose gas at the unitary limit.

Electronic version (arXiv)

Paper in Physical Review Letters (Subscription needed)

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