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Y. Nishikawa, M. Michel, W. Krauth, K. Hukushima Event-chain algorithm for the Heisenberg model: Evidence for $z \simeq 1$ dynamic scaling arXiv 1508.05661


Abstract We apply the event-chain Monte Carlo algorithm to the three-dimensional ferromagnetic Heisenberg model. The algorithm is rejection-free and also realizes an irreversible Markov chain that satisfies global balance. The autocorrelation functions of the magnetic susceptibility and the energy indicate a dynamical critical exponent zā‰ˆ1 at the critical temperature, while that of the magnetization does not measure the performance of the algorithm. This seems to be the first report that the event-chain Monte Carlo algorithm substantially reduces the dynamical critical exponent from the conventional value of zā‰ƒ2.

Electronic version (from arXiv, modified version of an earlier paper)

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