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Y. Nishikawa, M. Michel, W. Krauth, K. Hukushima Event-chain algorithm for the Heisenberg model: Evidence for z \sim 1 dynamic scaling PHYSICAL REVIEW E 92, 063306 (2015)


Abstract We apply the event-chain Monte Carlo algorithm to the three-dimensional ferromagnetic Heisenberg model. The algorithm is rejection-free and also realizes an irreversible Markov chain that satisfies global balance. The autocorrelation functions of the magnetic susceptibility and the energy indicate a dynamical critical exponent z≈1 at the critical temperature, while that of the magnetization does not measure the performance of the algorithm. This seems to be the first report that the event-chain Monte Carlo algorithm substantially reduces the dynamical critical exponent from the conventional value of z≃2.

Electronic version (from arXiv, modified version of an earlier paper)

Journal version (subscription required)

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