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=Recent publications and preprints= =Recent publications and preprints=
- +[[Li_Nishikawa_et_al_2022|B. Li, Y. Nishikawa, P. Hoellmer, L. Carillo, A. C. Maggs, W. Krauth ''Hard-disk computer simulations - a historic perspective'' arXiv:2207.07715 (2022)]]
[[Hoellmer_Maggs_Krauth_2021|P. Hoellmer, A. C. Maggs, W. Krauth ''Hard-disk dipoles and non-reversible Markov chains'' Journal of Chemical Physics 156, 084108 (2022)]] [[Hoellmer_Maggs_Krauth_2021|P. Hoellmer, A. C. Maggs, W. Krauth ''Hard-disk dipoles and non-reversible Markov chains'' Journal of Chemical Physics 156, 084108 (2022)]]

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Recent publications and preprints

B. Li, Y. Nishikawa, P. Hoellmer, L. Carillo, A. C. Maggs, W. Krauth Hard-disk computer simulations - a historic perspective arXiv:2207.07715 (2022)

P. Hoellmer, A. C. Maggs, W. Krauth Hard-disk dipoles and non-reversible Markov chains Journal of Chemical Physics 156, 084108 (2022)

A. C. Maggs, W. Krauth Large-scale dynamics of event-chain Monte Carlo Physical Review E 105, 015309 (2022)

P. Hoellmer, N. Noirault, B. Li, A. C. Maggs, W. Krauth Sparse hard-disk packings and local Markov chains arXiv:2109.13343 (2021) to appear in Journal of statistical Physics (2022)

W. Krauth Event-Chain Monte Carlo: Foundations, Applications, and Prospects Frontiers in Physics 9 229 (2021)

L. Qin, S. Hoellmer, W. Krauth Direction-sweep Markov chains arXiv:2007.15615 (2020)

B. Li, S. Todo, A. C. Maggs, W. Krauth Multithreaded event-chain Monte Carlo with local times arXiv:2004.11040 (2020) Computer Physics Communications 261 107702 (2021)

P. Hoellmer, L. Qin, M. F. Faulkner, A. C. Maggs, W. Krauth JeLLyFysh-Version1.0 -- a Python application for all-atom event-chain Monte Carlo Computer Physics Communications 253 107168 (2020)

Y. Nishikawa, K. Hukushima, W. Krauth Solid-liquid transition of skyrmions in a two-dimensional chiral magnet Physical Review B 99, 064435 (2019)

J. U. Klamser, S. C. Kapfer, W. Krauth A kinetic-Monte Carlo perspective on active matter Journal of Chemical Physics 150, 144113 (2019)

Z. Lei, W. Krauth, A. C. Maggs Event-chain Monte Carlo with factor fields Physical Review E 99, 043301 (2019)

Z. Lei, W. Krauth Mixing and perfect sampling in one-dimensional particle systems EPL 124 20003 (2018)

M. F. Faulkner, L. Qin, A. C. Maggs, W. Krauth All-atom computations with irreversible Markov chains Journal of Chemical Physics 149, 064113 (2018) Click here for minor Misprints

J. U. Klamser, S. C. Kapfer, W. Krauth Thermodynamic phases in two-dimensional active matter Nature Communications 9-5045 (2018)

Z. Lei, W. Krauth Irreversible Markov chains in spin models: Topological excitations EPL 121 10008 (2018)

S. C. Kapfer, W. Krauth, Irreversible local Markov chains with rapid convergence towards equilibrium Physical Review Letters 119, 240603 (2017)

S. C. Kapfer, W. Krauth, Cell-veto Monte Carlo algorithm for long-range systems Physical Review E 94, 031302(R) (2016)

T. Comparin, W. Krauth, Momentum distribution in the unitary Bose gas from first principles arXiv:1604.08870, Physical Review Letters 117, 225301 (2016)

Y. Nishikawa, M. Michel, W. Krauth, K. Hukushima, Event-chain algorithm for the Heisenberg model: Evidence for z \sim 1 dynamic scaling Physical Review E 92, 063306 (2015)

M. Michel, J. Mayer, W. Krauth, Event-chain Monte Carlo for classical continuous spin models EPL 112 20003 (2015)

M. Isobe, W. Krauth, Hard-sphere melting and crystallization with event-chain Monte Carlo Journal of Chemical Physics 143, 084509 (2015)

T. Comparin, S. C. Kapfer, W. Krauth, Liquid-solid transitions in the three-body hard-core model EPL 109 2003 (2015)

W. Krauth, Coming home from a MOOC Computing in Science and Engineering 17(2) 91-95 (2015)

S. C. Kapfer, W. Krauth, Soft-disk melting: From liquid-hexatic coexistence to continuous transitions Physical Review Letters 114, 035702 (2015)

M. Michel, S. C. Kapfer, W. Krauth, Generalized event-chain Monte Carlo: Constructing rejection-free global-balance algorithms from infinitesimal steps Journal of Chemical Physics 140 54116 (2014)

S. Piatecki, W. Krauth, Efimov-driven phase transitions of the unitary Bose gas Nature Communications 5, 3503 (2014) (open access)

S. C. Kapfer, W. Krauth, Sampling from a polytope and hard-disk Monte Carlo J. Phys.: Conf. Ser. 454 012031 (2013) Open access

M. Engel, J. A. Anderson, S. C. Glotzer, M. Isobe, E. P. Bernard, W. Krauth, Hard-disk equation of state: First-order liquid-hexatic transition in two dimensions with three simulation methods Phys. Rev. E 87, 042134 (2013)

E. P. Bernard, W. Krauth, Addendum to Event-chain Monte Carlo algorithms for hard-sphere systems Phys. Rev. E86, 017701 (2012)

N. Navon, S. Piatecki, K. J. Guenter et al., Dynamics and Thermodynamics of the Low-Temperature Strongly Interacting Bose Gas Physical Review Letters 107, 135301 (2011)

E. P. Bernard, W. Krauth, First-order liquid-hexatic transition in hard disks Physical Review Letters 107, 155704 (2011)

Publications 2005-2010

E. P. Bernard, C. Chanal, W. Krauth, Damage spreading and coupling in Markov chains EPL 92 60004 (2010)

S. P. Rath, T. Yefsah, K. J. Guenter, M. Cheneau, R. Desbuquois, M. Holzmann, W. Krauth, J. Dalibard, Equilibrium state of a trapped two-dimensional Bose gas Physical Review A 82 013609 (2010)

M. Holzmann, M. Chevallier, W. Krauth, Universal correlations and coherence in quasi-two-dimensional trapped Bose gases Physical Review A 81 043622 (2010)

C. Chanal, W. Krauth, Convergence and coupling for spin glasses and hard spheres Physical Review E 81 016705 (2010)

E. P. Bernard, W. Krauth, D. B. Wilson, Event-chain algorithms for hard-sphere systems Physical Review E 80 056704 (2009)

A. B. Kolton, A. Rosso, T. Giamarchi, W. Krauth, Creep dynamics of elastic manifolds via exact transition pathways Physical Review B 79 184207 (2009)

W. Krauth, Four lectures on computational statistical physics (in Les Houches Session LXXXIX, Oxford University Press (2010))

S. Bustingorry, A. B. Kolton, A. Rosso, W. Krauth, T. Giamarchi, Thermal Effects in the dynamics of disordered elastic systems Physica B-Condensed Matter 404, 444 (2009)

M. Jeng, M. J. Bowick, W. Krauth, J. Schwarz, X. Xing, Vacancy diffusion in the triangular lattice dimer model Physical Review E 78 021112 (2008)

M. Holzmann, M. Chevallier, W. Krauth, Semiclassical theory of the quasi two-dimensional trapped Bose gas EPL 82 30001 (2008)

M. Holzmann, W. Krauth, Kosterlitz--Thouless transition of the quasi two-dimensional trapped Bose gas Physical Review Letters 100 190402 (2008)

C. Chanal, W. Krauth, Renormalization group approach to exact sampling Physical Review Letters 100 060601 (2008)

J. G. Malherbe, W. Krauth Selective-pivot sampling of radial distribution functions in asymmetric liquid mixtures] Molecular Physics 105 2393 (2007)

M. Chevallier, W. Krauth, Off-diagonal long-range order, cycle probabilities, and condensate fraction in the ideal Bose gas Physical Review E 76 051109 (2007)

O. Duemmer, W. Krauth, Depinning exponents of the driven long-range elastic string Journal of Statistical Mechanics: Theory and Experiment P01019 (2007)

R. Santachiara, A. Rosso, W. Krauth, Universal width distributions in non-Markovian Gaussian processes Journal of Statistical Mechanics: Theory and Experiment P02009 (2007)

W. Krauth, Statistical Mechanics: Algorithms and Computations (Oxford: Oxford University Press) (2006)

A. Kolton, A. Rosso, T. Giamarchi, W. Krauth, Dynamics below the Depinning Threshold in Disordered Elastic Systems Physical Review Letters 97 057001 (2006)

W. Krauth, M. Loebl, Jamming and geometric representations of graphs Electronic Journal of Combinatorics 13: Art. No. R56 (2006)

A. Rosso, R. Santachiara, W. Krauth, Geometry of Gaussian signals Journal of Statistical Mechanics: Theory and Experiment L08001 (2005)

O. Duemmer, W. Krauth, Critical exponents of the driven elastic string in a disordered medium Physical Review E 71 061601 (2005)

A. Rosso, W. Krauth, Variant Monte Carlo algorithm for driven elastic manifolds in random media Computer Physics Communications 169 188 (2005)

Publications 2000-2004

S. Moulinet, A. Rosso, W. Krauth, E. Rolley Width distribution of contact lines on a disordered substrate Physical Review E 69 035103 (2004)

W. Krauth Cluster Monte Carlo Algorithms in New Optimization Algorithms in Physics A. K. Hartmann, H. Rieger, eds, (Wiley-VCH, 2004)

D. A. Huse, W. Krauth, R. Moessner, S. L. Sondhi Coulomb and Liquid Dimer Models in Three Dimensions Physical Review Letters 91 167004 (2003)

A. Rosso, W. Krauth, P. Le Doussal, J. Vannimenus, K. J. Wiese Universal interface width distributions at the depinning threshold Physical Review E 68 036128 (2003)

A. Rosso, A. K. Hartmann, W. Krauth Depinning of elastic manifolds Physical Review E 67 021602 (2003)

W. Krauth, R. Moessner Pocket Monte Carlo algorithm for classical doped dimer models Physical Review B 67 064503 (2003)

W. Krauth Disks on a Sphere and Two-Dimensional Glasses Markov Processes and Related Fields 8 215 (2002)

A. Rosso, W. Krauth Roughness at the depinning threshold for a long-range elastic string Physical Review E 65 025101(R) (2002)

L. Santen, W. Krauth Liquid, Glass and Crystal in Two-dimensional Hard disks cond-mat/0107459

A. Rosso, W. Krauth Monte Carlo Dynamics of driven Elastic Strings in Disordered Media Physical Review B 65 012202 (2002)

A. Rosso, W. Krauth Origin of the roughness exponent in elastic strings at the depinning threshold Physical Review Letters 87 187002 (2001)

W. Krauth, M. Staudacher Statistical Physics Approach to M-theory Integrals Journal of High Energy Physics (2000)

W. Krauth, M. Staudacher Yang-Mills Integrals for Orthogonal, Symplectic and Exceptional Groups Nuclear Physics B 584 641 (2000)

L. Santen, W. Krauth Absence of Thermodynamic Phase Transition in a Model Glass Former Nature 405 550 (2000)

W. Krauth, J. Plefka, M. Staudacher Yang-Mills Integrals Classical and Quantum Gravity 17 1171 (2000)

W. Krauth Coexistence of solutions in dynamical mean-field theory of the Mott transition Physical Review B 62 6860 (2000)

Publications 1995-1999

  • M. Holzmann, W. Krauth Transition temperature of the homogeneous, weakly interacting Bose gas Physical Review Letters 83 2687 (1999)
  • W. Krauth, M. Staudacher Eigenvalue Distributions in Yang-Mills Integrals Physics Letters B 453 253 (1999)
  • A. Buhot, W. Krauth Phase Separation in Two-Dimensional Additive Mixtures Physical Review E 59 2939 (1999)
  • M. Holzmann, W. Krauth, M. Naraschewski Precision Monte Carlo Test of the Hartree-Fock Approximation for a trapped Bose Gas Physical Review A 59 2956 (1999)
  • W. Krauth, M. Staudacher Finite Yang-Mills Integrals Physics Letters B 435 350 (1998)
  • W. Krauth A second course in dynamical Monte Carlo in Monte Carlo Approach to Biopolymers and Protein Folding, P. Grassberger, G. T. Barkema, W. Nadler, eds, (World Scientific, 1998)
  • W. Krauth, H. Nicolai, M. Staudacher Monte Carlo Approach to M-Theory Physics Letters B 431 31 (1998)
  • A. Buhot, W. Krauth Numerical Solution of Hard-Core Mixtures Physical Review Letters 80 3787 (1998)
  • M. Staudacher, W. Krauth Two-Dimensional QCD in the Wu-Mandelstam-Leibbrandt Prescription Physical Review D 57 2456 (1998)
  • W. Krauth Introduction to Monte Carlo Algorithms in Advances in Computer Simulation, Lecture Notes in Physics; J. Kertesz and I. Kondor, eds, (Springer Verlag, 1998) (cond-mat/9612186)
  • P. Patricio da Silva, W. Krauth Numerical Solutions of the von Karman Equations International Journal of Modern Physics C 8 427 (1997)
  • W. Krauth, M. Staudacher Non-Integrability of Two-Dimensional QCD Physics Letters B 388 808 (1996)

W. Krauth Quantum Monte Carlo Calculations for a large number of bosons in a harmonic trap Physical Review Letters 77 3695 (1996)

A. Georges, G. Kotliar, W. Krauth, M. Rozenberg Dynamical mean-field theory of strongly correlated fermion systems and the limit of infinite dimensions Reviews of Modern Physics 68 13 (1996)

C. Dress, W. Krauth Cluster Algorithm for hard spheres and related systems Journal of Physics A: Math. Gen. 28, L597 (1995)

  • W. Krauth, M. Mézard Aging without Disorder on long Time Scales Zeitschrift für Physik B 97 127 (1995)

Publications 1990-1994

  • W. Krauth, O. Pluchery A Rapid Dynamical Monte Carlo Algorithm for Glassy Systems Journal of Physics A 27, L715 (1994)
  • L. Laloux, A. Georges, W. Krauth Effect of a magnetic field on Mott-Hubbard systems Physical Review B 50 3092 (1994)

M. Caffarel, W. Krauth Exact Diagonalization Approach to Correlated Fermions in Infinite Dimensions: Mott Transition and Superconductivity Physical Review Letters 72 1545 (1994)

  • A. Georges, G. Kotliar, W. Krauth Superconductivity in the two-band Hubbard model in Infinite Dimensions Zeitschrift für Physik B 92 313 (1993)
  • A. Georges, W. Krauth Physical Properties of the half-filled Hubbard Model in Infinite Dimensions Physical Review B 48 7167 (1993)
  • Georges, W. Krauth Numerical solution of the $d=infty$ Hubbard model: evidence for a Mott transition Physical Review Letters 69 1240 (1992)
  • W. Krauth, M. Caffarel, J.-P. Bouchaud Gutzwiller wave function for a model of strongly interacting bosons Physical Review B 45 3137 (1992)
  • W. Krauth Bethe-ansatz for the one-dimensional boson Hubbard model Physical Review B 44 9772 (1991)
  • W. Krauth, N. Trivedi, D. Ceperley Superfluid-insulator transition in disordered boson systems Physical Review Letters 67 2307 (1991)
  • W. Krauth, N. Trivedi Mott and superfluid transitions in a model of interacting bosons Europhysics Letters 14 627 (1991)
  • R. Brunetti, W. Krauth, M. Mézard, G. Parisi Extensive numerical simulations of weighted matchings: Total length and distribution of links in the optimal solution Europhysics Letters 14 295 (1991)

Publications < 1990

This is my thesis, of the University of Paris XI (Orsay), (work done at Ecole normale supérieure).

  • W. Krauth, M. Mézard The cavity method and the travelling salesman problem Europhysics Letters 8 213 (1989)
  • W. Krauth, M. Mézard Storage capacity of memory networks with binary couplings Journal de Physique France 50 3057 (1989)
  • W. Krauth, M. Opper Critical storage capacity of the $J=pm 1$ neural network Journal of Physics A: Math. Gen. 22 L519 (1989)
  • W. Krauth, M. Mézard, J.-P. Nadal Basins of attraction in a perceptron-like neural network Complex Systems} 2 387 (1988)
  • W. Krauth, J.-P. Nadal, M. Mézard The roles of stability and symmetry in the dynamics of neural networks Journal of Physics A: Math. Gen. 21 2995 (1988)
  • W. Krauth, M. Mézard Learning algorithms with optimal stability in neural networks Journal of Physics A: Math. Gen. 20, L745 (1987)
  • W. Krauth, S. Grossmann Linewidths of lasers with broken polarization symmetry Physical Review A 35 4192 (1987)
  • S. Grossmann, W. Krauth, Laser with large photon correlation times Physical Review A 35 2523 (1987)
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