Rath Yefsah et al 2010

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S. P. Rath, T. Yefsah, K. J. Guenter, M. Cheneau, R. Desbuquois, M. Holzmann, W. Krauth, J. Dalibard Equilibrium state of a trapped two-dimensional Bose gas Physical Review A 82 013609 (2010)

Abstract: We study experimentally and numerically the equilibrium density profiles of a trapped two-dimensional 87Rb Bose gas, and investigate the equation of state of the homogeneous system using the local density approximation. We find a clear discrepancy between in-situ measurements and Quantum Monte Carlo simulations, which we attribute to a non-linear variation of the optical density of the atomic cloud with its spatial density. However, good agreement between experiment and theory is recovered for the density profiles measured after time-of-flight, taking advantage of their self-similarity in a two-dimensional expansion.

Electronic version (arXiv)

Paper in Physical Review A (Subscription needed)

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