Florent Krzakala

From Statistical physics to computer science and back...

Softwares from the WASP

(Widely Applied Statistical Physics)

This page lists the links to the different projects I am curently involved in the application of statisical physics ideas and methods for interdisciplinary purpose. They contains codes, papers and data on the algoritmhs we have been developing for problems such as constraint satisfaction and optimization, statistical inference, machine learning, modules detection in network and compressed sensing.

We are slowly moving to Github (see my github profile and the one of the Sphinx group). Some of codes can downloaded via the following links:

The ASPICS project

Applying Statistical Physics to Inference in Compressed Sensing.

The SWAMP algorirmh

The SWept Approximate Message Passing approach to generalized linear inverse sparse and structured problem. If your stucture is complex, you might want to try out our Neural Network version of the prior using a restricted Boltzmann machine.

The MODE-NET project

MOdule DEtection in NETworks with belief propagation.

The AMP algortimh for error correction

This code, written by Jean Barbier, contains in particular the AMP algorithm for error correction over the AWGN channel using Sparse Superposition Codes

Julia package for Restricted Boltzmann Machine Learning

This code, written by Marylou Gabrie and Eric Tramel, shows how one can use the TAP free energy in order to learn Restricted Boltzmann Machine neural networks that are generative models of the MNIST database.

The MACBETH algorithm for matrix complection from few entries

This code, written by Alaa Saade in the Julia language, use a new spectral method for Matrix Completion. A matlab version is also provided.

The Low RAMP algorithm for generalized Low Rank matrix Factorization problem

This matlab code follows our work with Zdeborova and Lesieur.


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