Florent Krzakala

From Statistical physics to computer science and back...

The SPHINX Group

Welcome to the webpage of the SPHINX group in LPS-ENS! SPHINX stands for Statistical PHysics of INformation eXtraction, but also for Statistical PHysics of INverse Complex Systems, or Statistical PHysics of INference in Compressed Sensing.

Current Members

Florent Krzakala (Group leader)

Marylou Gabrie (Phd student): Restricted Boltzmann Machines and Multi-Layer neural networks

Alia Abbara (Phd student): Inference on Graphs, clustering and spectral methods

Antoine Maillard (Phd student): Theory of computational to statistical gap in multilayer neural nets

Jonathan Dong (Phd student): Computational optics

Past Members

Laura Foini (Postdoc 2017): Now researcher at CNRS

Alaa Saade (Phd student): Now Senior Data Scientist at SNIPS

Eric Tramel (Postdoc ERC): Now SeniorData Scientist at OWKIN

Christophe Schülke Phd student 2012-2016, now at Philips research and development, Hamburg Germany

Boshra Rajaei Postdoc PSL 2015, now assistant professor at Computer Engineering Department of Sadjad University of Technology, Mashhad/Iran.

Jean Barbier Phd student 2012-2015, now professor in ICTP Trieste.

Francesco Caltagirone Postdoc ERC 2015, Now Senior Data Scientist at SNIPS

Angelique Dremeau Post-doc 2014, now Assistant professor in ENSTA Bretagne.

Sun Yifan Phd Student 2012, now lecturer in Renmin University of China, Beijing.

Andre Manoel (Postdoc ERC): Now SeniorData Scientist at OWKIN

Pan Zhang Postdoc ERC and ISC paris, 2012-2013, now Associate professor in the Institute of Theoretical Physics, Chinese Academy of Sciences in Beijing.

Notable grants

ANR PAIL 2018-2021

ERC SPARCS 307087 2012-2017

PSL PSI:Paris 2015-2016

ISC Paris, 2012


Professor Florent Krzakala

University Pierre et Marie Curie
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To come and see me
ENS is in the center of Paris, close to the Pantheon. My office is L284 in the Physics Departement (second floor).