Vassilios Dallas

About me

Laboratoire de Physique Statistique

École Normale Supérieure

24, rue Lhomond

75231 Paris Cedex 05, France

Office: LE114

e-mail: vdallas at lps dot ens dot fr

Research Interests

My research falls in the general topic of non-linear and statistical physics and for the moment focuses on turbulence, statistical fluid mechanics and computational physics with applications to geophysics, astrophysics, atmospheric sciences, energy and flow control. My experience covers a range of approaches, from simple analytical models to high fidelity simulations on supercomputers, aiming for a deeper understanding of the fundamental processes in turbulent flows. My studies span the following main topics:

  1. Magnetohydrodynamic turbulence

  2. decaying and forced high resolution simulations

  3. inertial range theories and universality

  4. effects of initial conditions and forcings

  5. fluid flow symmetries and topology

  1. Lagrangian turbulence

  2. droplet growth in cloud turbulence

  3. particles collision-coalescence in turbulence

  4. synthetic turbulence and kinematic simulation

  5. atmospheric fluid mechanics from a Lagrangian perspective

  1. Viscoelastic turbulence

  2. turbulent drag reduction

  3. FENE-P polymer dynamics

  4. high-resolution Godunov type methods

  5. asymptotic expansions

  1. Wall-bounded turbulence

  2. universality of von Kármán coefficient

  3. dynamical system approaches for turbulent fluctuations

  4. relation of statistical observables to critical points

  5. high Reynolds number asymptotics

For more information have a look at my Publications.

Currently, I am a Marie Curie (IEF) postdoctoral fellow at the Laboratoire de Physique Statistique of École Normale Supérieure working within the Non-linear Physics group and in close collaboration with Alexandros Alexakis.

My PhD was on fluid mechanics/turbulence at the Institute for Mathematical Sciences of Imperial College London. For more information have a look at my PhD thesis.

For more details please email me for an up-to-date CV.