Proceeding of all lectures

Called "Statistical Physics, Optimization, Inference, and Message-Passing Algorithms" and edited by F. Krzakala, F. Ricci-Tersenghi, L. Zdeborova, R. Zecchina, E. W. Tramel, L. F. Cugliandolo. A book containing the proceeding of all lectures is in preparation at Oxford University Press. A preliminary version of some chapters can be found online on Arxiv:

Lecture by Cris Moore: Computational Complexity, Phase Transitions, and Message-Passing for Community Detection
Aurélien Decelle, Janina Huttel, Alaa Saade and Cristopher Moore.

Lecture by Giorgio Parisi: Replica Theory and Spin Glasses
Flaviano Morone, Francesco Caltagirone, Elizabeth Harrison, Giorgio Parisi

Lecture by Marc Mezard: Cavity Method: Message Passing from a Physics Perspective
Gino Del Ferraro, Chuang Wang, Dani Martí, Marc Mézard

Lecture by D. Gamarnik: Local Algorithms for Graphs
David Gamarnik, Mathieu Hemery, Samuel Hetterich

Lecture by D. Shah: Statistical inference with probabilistic graphical models
Angélique Drémeau, Christophe Schuelke, Yingying Xu, Devavrat Shah

Lecture by A. Montanari: Statistical Estimation: From Denoising to Sparse Regression and Hidden Cliques
Eric W. Tramel, Santhosh Kumar, Andrei Giurgiu, Andrea Montanari

Lecture by M. Opper: Expectation Propagation
Jack Raymond, Andre Manoel, Manfred Opper

Lecture by R. Urbanke: Error correcting codes and spatial coupling
Rafah El-Khatib, Jean Barbier, Ayaka Sakata, Rudiger Urbanke

Lecture by R. Zecchina: A cavity approach to optimization and inverse dynamical problems
Alejandro Lage-Castellanos, Andrey Y. Lokhov, Riccardo Zecchina