In the last decade, there have been an increasing convergence of interest and methods between theoretical physics and fields as diverse as probability, machine learning, optimization and compressed sensing. In particular, many theoretical and applied works in statistical physics and computer science have relied on the use of message passing algorithms and their connection to statistical physics of glasses and spin glasses. The aim of this school, especially adapted to PhD students, post-docs, and young researchers, is to present the background necessary for entering this fast developing field.

Inscription are closed, since April 30, 2013


  • Amin Coja-Oghlan, Frankfurt, Germany
  • David Gamarnik, MIT, USA
  • Marc Mezard, ENS Paris, France
  • Andrea Montanari, Stanford, USA
  • Cris Moore, Santa Fe, USA
  • Manfred Opper, Berlin, Germany
  • Giorgio Parisi, Roma La Sapienza, Italy
  • Devavrat Shah, MIT, USA
  • Rudiger Urbanke, EPFL, Switzerland
  • Riccardo Zecchina, Torino, Italy

  Organizing Committee

  • Florent Krzakala (ENS, Paris)
  • Federico Ricci-Tersenghi, (Roma)
  • Lenka Zdeborova (CEA & CNRS, Saclay)
  • Riccardo Zecchina (Torino, Italy)