Program (click on the names for the slides)

Arrival day Monday 25. 8., 18:00 Overview and historical note on the field by Giorgio Parisi.

Day 1; Tuesday 26. 8.: Time and length scales in glasses
8.45 : Introductory welcome by Lenka Zdeborova and Florent Krzakala
Keynote (9:00-12:00): Giulio Biroli
Invited (14:00-16:30): Chiara Cammarota, Silvio Franz, Walter Kob, Tommaso Rizzo
Concert et evenement "MOZART ET LES ETOILES" 19h

Day 2; Wednesday 27. 8.: Information Theory, Signal processing and Compressed sensing
Keynote (9:00-12:00): Yoshiyuki Kabashima
Invited (15:30-18:00): Aris Moustakas, Jean-Philippe Bouchaud, Marc Mezard and Yue M. Lu

Day 3; Thursday 28. 8.: Jamming and hard spheres
Keynote (9:00-12:00): Ludovic Berthier
Invited (14:00-16:30): Matthieu Wyart, Olivier Dauchot, Pierfrancesco Urbani, Patrick Charboneau
Concert et evenement "MOZART ET LES ETOILES" 19h

Day 4; Friday 29. 8.: Phase transitions and algorithmic barriers
Keynote (9:00-12:00): Amin Coja-Oghlan,
POSTER SESSION : 13:30-15:30
Invited (16:00-18:00): Martin Loebl, Andreas Galanis, Mohsen Bayati.

Day 5; Saturday 30. 8.: Collective Behaviour and Inference in Biological Systems
Keynote (9:00-12:00): Remi Monasson part 1 and part 2.
Invited (13:30-16:00): Martin Weigt, Olivier Rivoire, Simona Cocco, Asja Jelic
Social event in cargese harbour

Day 6; Monday 1. 9.: Optimization and inference in networks
Keynote (9:00-12:00): Cristopher Moore
Invited (14:00-16:30): Riccardo Zecchina, David Saad, Toshiyuki Tanaka, Scott Kirkpatrick

Day 7; Tuesday 2. 9.: Quantum spin glasses and glasses
Keynote (9:00-12:00): Leticia Cugliandolo
Invited (14:00-16:30): Marco Schiro, Pasquale Calabrese, Guilhem Semerjian, Laura Foini

Day 8; Wednesday 3. 9.: Establishing cavity & replica method rigorously
Keynote (9:00-12:00): Amir Dembo,
Invited (14:00-16:00): Nike Sun, Marc Lelarge, Felicia Rassmann

Day 9; Thursday 4. 9. : Many body localization
Keynote (9:00-12:00): Lev Ioffe
Invited (14:00-16:30): Markus Mueller, Ehud Altman, Michael Aizenman, Simone Warzel

Day 10; Friday 5. 9. : Renormalization and effective field theory for disordered systems,
Keynote (9:00-12:00): Gilles Tarjus
Invited (14:00-16:00): Marco Tarzia, Thierry Giamarchi, Ferenc Igloi

Posters Cargese:

Message passing:
Francesco Caltagirone "On the convergence of approximate message passing."
Thibault Lesieur "Properties of the non-backtracking operator"
Christophe Schulke "Blind calibration by approximate message passing"
Carlo Lucibello "The effect of Loops beyond the Bethe Approximation "
Jean Barbier "Approximate message-passing for error correcting codes: Superposition codes"
Andrey Lokhov "Dynamic message-passing equations and application to inference of epidemic origin."
Marco Pretti "Lowering the error floor of Gallager codes: a statistical-mechanical view".
Alberto Guggiola "Minimal contagious sets in random regular graphs"
Eric W. Tramel "Swept Approximate Message Passing"
Yingying Xu "1-bit compressed sensing"

Spin glass:
Aukosh Jagannath "Approximate Ultrametricity with Applications to Spin Glasses''
Ryoji Miyazaki "Frustration in vicinity of transition point of spin glasses"
Hisato Komatsu "Solid-fluid transition of one dimensional systems with long range interaction".
Tomoyuki Obuchi "Monte Carlo Simulations of the 3-dim XY Spin Glass focusing on Chiral and Spin Order"
Alaa Saade "Spin glass theory and spectral clustering of graphs"

Harukuni Ikeda "Sufficiently advanced statistics is indistinguishble from dynamics near the glass transition".
Yuliang Jin 'Hopping and the Stokes–Einstein relation breakdown in simple glass formers’
Takashi Takahashi "Evidence of one-step replica symmetry breaking in a finite-dimensional Potts glass model"
Yoshihiko Nishikawa "Glassy behaviors of a three-dimensional Biroli-Mézard model".

Hard spheres:
Maimbourg Thibaud "Exact solution of hard spheres dynamics in high dimension. "
Corrado Rainone "State following in mean-field hard sphere models"

Yoshinori Nakanishi-Ohno "Distribution estimation of hyperparameters in Markov random field".
Yuji Sakai "Eigenvalue-Analysis of the Transition Matrices in Markov Chain with Skew Detailed Balance Conditions".
Paolo Barucca "Cross-correlations in coupled heterogeneous Brownian motions"

Yuya Seki "Quantum Annealing with Antiferromagnetic Fluctuations for Mean-Field Models"
Mauro Schiulaz "Dynamics in many-body localized quantum systems without disorder".
Jun Takahashi "Adiabatic Quantum Computation under non-uniform transverse fields".